Our Mission

We started About A Dog because we thought we’d be good at it (doctor, lawyer or… bum roll retailer?). And like we said, everybody poops. But it’d be a pretty sh*tty life if we just thought about toilet paper all the time.

Not too sound too naff, but we wanted our business to be about something more… to accomplish something more. And we wanted it to be truly Aussie.


Why do we donate to Animals in Need?

After some long and intense research (to the second page of Google), it wasn’t too hard to figure out what else we should throw our weight behind. And that’s Aussie pets.

In fact, Aussies love their pets so much that we now have more pets than people (which feels like a win!). Think cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, birds, even ferrets. If it can be domesticated and loved, we’ve done it.

The thing is, we’re animal people too. That’s why we knew our mission was partnering with organisations that help animals in need.

Our Support of Animals in Need

Approximately 200,000 dogs are admitted to shelters and municipal rescue facilities each year in Australia. And even though the folks at all the amazing shelters are pretty great, they can’t do it alone. They succeed because of generous supporters whose time and money help them care for, treat, protect, and rehome animals across the state.

We donate 50% of all our profits to organisations helping animals in need because it feels damn good to support their work. And every time you buy a loo roll from us, you’re helping an animal too.

On the road and looking ahead

We might only be a new company, but we’re already looking ahead to what we can do and how we can help as an organisation (super adult, we know). 

We got the values, and we got the mission, and we’re gonna keep on keepin’ on supporting our animals and our community. And we hope you come along with us. Because hey, road trips are just better with your mates!

Follow our journey. Or better yet, come along for the ride.