About a Dog

At About A Dog, we’re a small, Sydney-based bum roll producer. We’ve got a dedicated team of people who live and breathe toilet paper (not literally), and who care about making sure every-bum gets the best, softest choice of recycled loo rolls.


We’re not a massive conglomerate. Or a huge retailer. When something breaks, we’re off to Bunnings. And when you get your toilet rolls, you know we’re behind making sure they’re as awesome as you expect them to be.


At About A Dog, we’re just a few mates, with a warehouse and a desire for soft TP.

Aussie Manufactured!

Most bum rolls are made… somewhere else. But our products are proudly made in Australia in partnership with a small local manufacturing business. Why? Well because Australia is pretty awesome. We’ve got Uluru, the Blue Mountains, Ash Barty… and some of the finest, softest, toilet rolls ever made.

Plus keeping it local means more Aussies in jobs and more support for local families. And when our manufacturers are also our neighbours, we can meet down the pub for a beer. Better and better.

If it ain’t sustainable, forget it

At About A Dog we don’t live with our heads buried in the sand (except at the beach occasionally). We know every choice has an impact. So we just try to make better and better choices every day. We could all just go poop in the woods (though the campers would frown), but as a (semi-)civilised nation, we (mostly) choose toilets. And that means toilet paper.

So yeah, we’re using some resources. But we’re working in direct partnership everyday with our manufacturers to better understand how our products are made and how they can be better. We’re starting with recycled locally-manufactured toilet rolls (soon to be tissues and paper towels). And that’s an awesome start. But we won’t stop there.

Gone to the dogs… and cats and bunnies and ferrets…

Our mission at About A Dog is pretty simple. Make bum rolls, and give back to the community that supports us by helping Aussie causes. We’ve partnered with local animal organisations, to put it bluntly, we love our pets. Donating 50% of our profits to them feels great. But we also know that all the money raised stays right here in Australia, supporting our pets and wildlife.

Join Our Journey

We’re a new company. But we’re going big places. We’d love to come along for the ride. We’ll bring the beer.