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The Whole Kitten Cavoodle Bundle - 48 Toilet Roll Box + 4 Paper Towel Rolls + 3 Tissue Boxes

The Whole Kitten Cavoodle Bundle - 48 Toilet Roll Box + 4 Paper Towel Rolls + 3 Tissue Boxes

50% of profits going to support animals in need

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Support and Save with The Whole Kitten Cavoodle Bundle! 

Every purchase donates 50% of profits to help animals in need. 

Product Details 

48 Toilet Roll Box - 100% Recycled Toilet Paper 
48 Aussie manufactured rolls per box - Perfect for the 4-8 bum household
100% recycled 3ply paper 
360 sheets per rolls (double the standard length)
Safe for sensitive systems like septic tanks
100% compostable 
No inks, dyes, scents, BPAs or chlorine

4 Double Length Paper Towel - 100% Recycled Paper 
300 sheets per roll
100% recycled 3ply paper 
Unwrapped rolls to reduce waste 
No inks, dyes, scents, BPAs or chlorine

3 Boxes - 100% Recycled Tissue Paper 
200 sheets per box (double the standard size)
Total of 600 sheets
100% recycled 2ply paper 
No inks, dyes, scents, BPAs or chlorine

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  • Recycled and FSC Certified

You want to support the environment, yeah, but no one likes to wipe their arse with leaves and twigs. Our good-for-the-environment recycled toilet paper is super soft. And that means your cheeks stay super soft too. Even better, each bum roll is Aussie-made, so you know it’s good for the environment, good for the community, and good for your rear-end.

Every purchase goes towards helping animals in need by donating 50% of profits to animal welfare organisations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
Super impressed with products

Delivery to my door - no more lugging bulky items from the supermarket. Love this bundle of toilet paper , tissues and paper towel .
All fantastic quality. This is now my 2nd order and won’t be my last . Thumbs up to About A Dog for donating to animals in need and manufacturing the products here in Australia.

Just Get Some

I ordered the Whole Kitten Cavoodle. 👍Toilet paper, tissues and paper towel are all great, so just get some😊

Antoinette Barnardo
Great products, ethos and value for money

I love the packaging, size of the kitchen rolls and that I could buy tissues in smaller quantities. You appeal to my worldview and delivered great products and service, thank you.

Great for bums, faces and homeless doggos

Very cute tissue boxes, and anything that helps homeless animals is a no brainer! The bum paper does what it’s meant to. What more do need to know??

Leanne inwards
one bum saves a diog

2 bums are better , love the bum tissue, facial tissue & paper towel soaks up so well , you don’t need to use much either
Love 🫶💞